Tell you wot……

I reckon I must no a lot more than wot the WHO nos. You no the WHO. Not the band wots called the WHO but that bunch of doctors and whatevers who get all ladeeda and bang on about loads of stuff about healf and stuff like that. They no fuckin nuffin if you ask me. Wots that? You aint asking me. Well Im fuckin tellin ya anyway. Fucking WHO! They know nuffin about helf. Or bein organeysed. Or the fuckin world neither now that you mention it. Tell me this. If there so clever how comes all this people are dying from this cornettovirus thing? Tell me that. If there so clever they wood have seen it comin a fuckin mile off and sorted it right out but they didn cos they aint got a clew about anyfing. Personally speaking I reckon its all a great big wind up anyway and I reckon that Trump is spot on. See what ees done today is ees rattled them aint e. He had a sniff at the old WHO and he can smell a rat and he nose that that rats gone right off and stinks like a tarts back doors. If I was him I wooden just wivdraw fundin from the WHO Id ask for all my money back n all and then Id nuke the fuckers from space or summink. The fuckin liberty of taking all that dough and then they cant even work out theres a spot of flu comin rownd the corna. Yeh hes spot on Trump and I reckon if he was in charge of the WHO we wooden be in all this mess in the first place. I mean ive only had free barberques wiv me mates this week and I aint add a cheeky lock in down the pub since sunday. All these wankers sayin keep a couple of feet apart and all that malarky but my bruver says if yor gona get it yor gona get it so ya may as well just carry on like before if you ask me. Probably wot Churchill woodve dun. So why cant we just make it easy and while old Boris is laid up playin checkers or whatever make Trump in charge of the planet and then he can give the WHO a right proper slap and then he can sort out those chineses too cos it was them oo spread the fuckin thing in the first place and then they should pay for everyone oos got it and they should pay for all the work I aint gettin at the moment cos I no I aint eaten any bats lately but I fuckin no oo as. That Trump is spot on. Why pay for summink that aint workin? Unless its me. They keep saying this is all a bit unpresleydented but I cant see what Elvis and his teef have got to do wiv it. End of the day its got to do wiv them chinese and all them uver migrants wot want a free meal and a bit of cash on the sly and its got even more to do wiv the WHO becos wivout them we wouldn hav all the problems weave got at the moment. Im nippin off round me mates for a few cans and watch somein shit like pointless. I tell you wots pointless n all………..


G B Hewitt. 15.04.2020

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