Villa Morales Soberbio. 2.5/5 Stars.

Tom Conti. Posted: 13.08.2021.

Oh dear. Arrived to find the place swarming with workman and flies. Apparently, Sr Morales is in a spot of bother and there was no sign of his wife either. The pool looked like it had been drained and was being used as a temporary sewage depositary. We have had one night here at the villa but are being moved on to another venue by the agents. We would fly back tomorrow but because the Wifi is so poor we can’t complete our passenger locater form. I read the reviews this morning and wonder how you can trust any website that spends so much time collating such a mixed bag of bollocks. Perhaps time to give up on holidays altogether.

Message from Guillermo: Drae Miss Slapper, thanking you for having positive words some for Villa Morales Soberbio. We say sorry for the smell of shits the day after you arrive and hope when you return we will offer the best indulgence of our business. I love my wife and my heart is disabled. We hope that Villa Morales Soberbio continues to make happy all our values guests!

Pat Slapper. Posted: 09.08.2021.

Disaster!! We arrived for the holiday of our lives only to find complete mayhem. A sewage pipe had burst the day before, flooding most of the ground floor rooms and meaning you could smell it everywhere – we even had to spend one night sleeping on the balcony (once we had been given a complimentary upgrade to a ‘classic balcony room’) because of the stench. We tried to complain to our host Guillermo, but there were clearly some problems with him and his wife (she did mention her name but I can’t remember now, sorry) and it got worse when the police turned up (when I asked the maid she said it was something to do with an incident on a recent kids nature trail). Such a shame, because with a bit of effort this place could be a proper goldmine. The sunset is spectacular and despite some earlier reviews the food was amazing. On occasion we had to head to the nearest town of Pissole, just to get away from the smell. I wish Guillermo and his family well, it must be tough getting back on their feet, especially after Covid and Brexit.

Lauryn Hill. Posted: 06.07.2021


Ignacio Diaz. Posted: 04.08.2021.

Nuestra primera estancia desde Covid. ¡Basura! Deberíamos habernos quedado en casa. Guillermo fue muy antipático y mi esposa pilló a su esposa teniendo sexo con un invitado en la cocina. Mi esposa no se unió. No lo recomendaría.

Lacey Cox. Posted: 01.08.2021 THIS REVIEW IS UNDER REVIEW.

Best holiday ever? Defo. Came out here with my husband Rashid and our little gang and loved it all. Guillermo was a star with the kids, so attentive and thoughtful and even offered to take them on a nature trail! Hubster is a bit of an amateur chef and seemed really happy learning some traditional, rustic recipes with Guillermo’s wife, and I got the chance to stretch out on the lounger with a few cocktails and catch up on my reading (got used to the odd whiff in the air!). We were so sad to leave, but isn’t that always the way at the end of a great holiday? Rashid said we’d be back soon and is even thinking of flying over in the autumn to do a cookery course. Gracias Villa Morales Soberbio!!

Diana Ross. Posted: 29.07.2021

Above average.

Martin Kump. Posted: 29.07.2021

What a fucking joke. The bedroom smelt like a distant sewer for the entire stay and the bathroom smelt of stale piss and fish, and though I complained several times to Gerry all he did was send up his wife, and she didn’t make much difference. My girlfriend ate some homemade seafood risotto at the restaurant downstairs on the first night and spent the rest of the holiday sweating bullets and blowing hot tar out of her arse, so I just hung around at the bar, though even then it was hard to get a drink because Gerry seemed pretty rushed of his feet cleaning the pool and kissing other guests arses. I didn’t mind the dodgy Wifi but I could have done without some pair of Americans chewing my ear off about it every night. Nearly lamped the cheeky sod who kept asking if I was Gary Kamp’s brother. Never heard of him. Wish I’d read the reviews before booking. And yes, Gerry, it was me who took a shit in the pool – it was the least I could do. What a fucking joke.

Message from Guillermo: Drea Senor Kent and Kandy. I am so sorry you did not enjoy your stay enthusiastically, we please delightfully invite you back another time and tell you that I will speak to my wife about her cooking. We enjoy many happy guests all years and wish you no Covid for the times future.

Ken Kent. Posted: 28.07.2021

First visit to Europe from Iowa, USA since the pandemic kicked in and I had forgotten just how goddam backward these tourist villas are. The couple that ran the place – the guy was called Gillero, or something, but didn’t catch his wife’s name – seemed to kiss some asses but not others and so there was all this fucked up feeling of resentment from some guests while others looked like they’d just won the goddam lottery. The rooms were OK, I guess, but a balcony would have been nice since every other room on the goddam website seemed to have one. We booked ourselves a table in the poolside diner on the first night but half-way through my wife, Kandi, said she’d rather eat horse shit than this shit and so we got an Uber into the nearest town called, and this is great, Pissole, and had a Burger King instead. Most of the kids were OK, I guess, except for the two who kept bringing fish back to the bar and leaving them there to stink the fuckin’ place out. Not the worst place in Europe I’ve stayed in (that was some backwards, fucked up shithole in the south of France) but for the dough I spent I expected a lot more. Like Kandi said on the plane back: for a place that wasn’t quite a shithole it sure looked a helluva like a hole full of shit. Wifi was shit too – we wanted to watch the whole of Game Of Thrones again but couldn’t.

Neil Young. Posted: 25.07.2021

Below average.

Julie Piledriver. Posted: 25.07.2021

Came here with my husband Merlin and our three kids for a well deserved break after such a tough year!! Hubby loved taking our boys trail biking and fishing (just ask Guillermo for the best places to go, he has an encyclopaedic knowledge of the area he has lived in his entire life, as well as the best places for kids) while my youngest Ellie really liked helping out Guillermo’s wife in the garden and kitchens, where she made the most amazing traditional, rustic local dishes (please send us some recipes!!!!). Great to top up my tan and unwind in this gorgeous hidden gem of a villa!!! Shame about the single male who spent most of his time on his balcony – I felt I had to mention him to Guillermo, who promised to let the local police know immediately. Can’t wait to come back all the same!!!!!

Gary Kamp. Posted 22.07.2021

Read some reviews about this place from last year but it must have gone right downhill since then. Couldn’t get a moments peace by the pool for the first few days because of some twat kids making a load of noise, and then got bitten relentlessly by insects every evening out on the balcony. Guillermo was alright but his wife seemed pretty miserable (I would be if I was churning out her food) and this idea of it having a warm family feel fell well short. Glad I came on my own and didn’t bring my wife and kids because I reckon they would have hated it. And it would have cost an arm and a leg on top. Hasta la vista Villa Morales Non So Soberbio!

Bono. Posted 18.07.2021


Message from Guillermo: Dera Mr Hummer. We’re so sorry you stay at Villa Morales Soberbio was ant not as good as you here hoped for. We always try provide the greatest service for our guests and hope if that one day you book again we can bless you with a complimentary room of balcony and orange juice.

Jean Hummer. Posted: 18.07.2021

My husband and I had such high hopes for Villa Morales Soberbio. The owner, Guillermo, was so helpful in his email before we arrived but his offer to pick us up at the airport came to nothing and so we had to fork out an extra 50 Euros on that. The rest was a mixed bag – the food was OK but nothing much above the usual tourist stuff and the pool was nice when it was quiet, which wasn’t often. In fairness the rooms were clean and spacious though it would have helped if we’d known about the free upgrade to a balcony room as our window looked out over two wheelie bins and a broken down car. It wasn’t a disaster but Villa Morales Soberbio didn’t live up to the hype and I doubt we’d go back in a hurry.

Michael Jackson. Posted: 16.07.2021


Message from Guillermo: Hola Terri and all your family! We are happily ecstatic for your superb stay. We open our arms freely for your return and thank you for becoming customers of valued persistence.

Terri Fayed. Posted: 16.07.2021

We absolutely loved, loved, loved Villa Morales Soberbio. Guillermo and his wife were so welcoming and charming and by the end we almost felt like we were part of the family. The kids had a blast by the pool and really liked Guillermo’s special late night puppet show, and we were lucky enough to have a balcony room so we could watch the sunset every night over a jug of homemade chilled sangria. We got brownie points when hubby (who is a plumber) helped Guillermo sort out some problem with the sewage system). We were so sad to leave but this place will always be in our memories and the next time we’re back this way we wouldn’t think of staying anywhere else. Thanks so much to the Morales family for making this such a beautiful break.

Stacey Klox. Posted: 12.07.2021

Wow! Great to get away again and even better to be here. Took my kids out here after a messy divorce and they are loving it! The sea is only a few minutes away but just enjoyed being at the pool and drinking at the bar. Nice surroundings and a very family feel. Beds are comfy and good room service though Guillermo’s wife isn’t much of a ‘talker’. On advice we strolled down to the nearest town of Pissoles for a McDonald’s but the kids said it didn’t taste the same so we went for an ice cream to make up for it. Thanks to Villa Morales Soberbio for giving me a chance to get away from things. Weather great. Lots of insects though.

Abigail Blaxley-Tankard. Posted: 09.07.2021

Shithole. Don’t waste your money. And don’t bother going into Pissole, because that’s a shithole too.

G B Hewitt. Posted: 26.10.2021

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